As SmartWatt Energy began working with bigger and bigger accounts, we never lost sight of why we got into energy efficiency in the first place—helping businesses combine profit with energy savings. And that's what led us to the next logical step: helping utility companies achieve aggressive savings goals. 

The expertise we've amassed from our work with commercial, industrial, and institutional giants puts us in a unique position to meet the varied needs of utility companies. And since we're adept at both program administration and project implementation, SmartWatt offers the ultra-convenience of a single point of contact.

But what sets us apart goes beyond convenience. SmartWatt's turnkey approach means we have just the right resources to meet all our utility clients' needs. With every step—from auditing to installation—we deliver the highest standard of excellence. No compromises.

Vigilant Accountability

From beginning to end, SmartWatt's in-house, experienced team provides every service our utility clients need. Our high-quality installations lower businesses' operational costs through demand-side energy-reduction strategies such as lighting upgrades, lighting control systems, refrigeration upgrades, hot water efficiency measures, HVAC upgrades and more. Plus, partnering with SmartWatt ensures close coordination and control of program resources, staffing, production, budgets and administration. With implementation and maintenance tightly linked, we can monitor systems for errors from the front lines. Firsthand knowledge of every aspect of the process lets us make the modifications necessary to achieve optimal efficiency. 

Intuitive Interface

SmartWatt's Application to Manage Programs® (AMP®) is the key to our successful utility program administration and implementation. We developed AMP® from scratch, in-house, when it became apparent that no existing software could meet our high standards. Our software solution doesn't miss a beat. It lets us compile and segment customer data in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Module. In the Leads Module, we can map leads, then develop and track intelligent marketing campaigns. And in the Opportunities Module, we can create everything from an energy audit or immediate on-site proposal to a detailed list of tasks required for completion. Then the Customer Service Module allows us to quickly rectify any customer issues. With its clean, intuitive interface, AMP® consolidates all relevant data and offers management with unprecedented flexibility.

In-House Expertise

Our streamlined process offers unmatched reliability to utility clients. Our staff of experts in every area—sales, marketing, auditing, engineering, software development, project management, installation—deals exclusively with energy efficiency projects. And that means that at every step in the process, you'll be working with leaders in the field who work with energy-efficiency day-in and day-out.

Integrated Teams

Our uniqueness stems from our cross-functional teams. We have engineers from various specialties—electrical, civil, mechanical—working collaboratively on the auditing and design/engineering for projects. A design team that works closely with construction managers and manages utility projects from start to finish means one thing: optimized efficiency. 

Nationwide Service

Due to our national presence in the Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Division, we have construction licenses across the country and a nationwide network of local subcontractors and distributors already in place. We're always local. Wherever your next utility program is based, you'll find one of our strategically located offices nearby.